LCD Resin Printer – Testing Screen


Got the ipad mini 2 screen working. The setup was simple. To output a video signal to the screen a display port controller board is used. I want for a controller board from a site called abusemark.

Controller board – iPad Mini Retina 2048×1536 7.9″ LCD to Mini DisplayPort Adapter 

Board Link:

The board takes a 5v power input and mini display port for the video signal. The ipad screen has a ribbon cable connector which connects to the board. Te board requires a minimum of 0.5A. A mobile supply suited the current supply requirements. The total wattage is 5 * 0.5 = 2.5 watt. Which is a relatively low power usage.

The board uses a STM32F103CB 32-bit Cortex M3 from st microelectronics which can updated through a native USB using the program link below:

Board Programming Software:

The board specs:

  • USB or 5V-powered (separate connector). 0.5A total current draw at max brightness.
  • Mini DisplayPort connector [rev1 update]
  • STM32F103CB 32-bit Cortex M3 MCU with native USB for firmware update and power/brightness/etc control
  • TI TPS61187 WLED driver
  • Buck DC/DC converter for panel power
  • Dimmable/controllable RGB led
  • One push button (power + overloaded function on long press)
  • Firmware upgrade over USB (DFU)
  • 52x34mm PCB
  • Pushbutton can be connected externally, to make it easier to mount inside case/etc.
  • Designed and assembled in Japan


Creative works software was used to slice and control. A model taken from thingiverse: Was sliced at 100 micron layer height. In creative works you can set the timing for the image exposure, i set it for 6000 milliseconds to allow me to see if the rotation of the stepper motor correlated with the flashing of the screen images.

Preparing Model


You can see from the picture that supports were added to the model.

Image Displayed on Ipad Screen


Image displayed looked very sharp on the screen. It looks blurry since the photo was taken from my camera.

What’s Next

  • Need to finish printing of prototype chassis
  • Assemble and test prototype








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