LCD Resin Printer – Base Printed

The base part of the SLA prototype was started last evening. I left it to print over night. It took approximately 8-9 hours to print as it is a fairly large part. The FDM printer had to be optimized to make full use of the build area to be able to print this part. Build area was optimized from 180mm x 180mm to 195mm to 195mm. To enable this the clips normally used, had to replaced by smaller ones. I was initially worried that there wouldn’t be enough clamping force to hold the glass plate down. But after a few tests runs, it proved adequate. The print came out okay, a good bit of stringing from bad retraction settings. Structurally it is sound. A few of the dimensions regarding the fitting of the lcd screen were off so a metal file was used to enlarge the lcd slot. The aluminium rail fits in a slot at the back of the base. The hatchbox PLA used for this print is not optimal for prototyping as it is very brittle. A shipment of PETG filament will be arriving. So for the second prototype this filament will be used as has a higher strength and better layer to layer bonding properties. A few more parts to go before the prototype is up and running.


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