LCD Resin Printer

Quick prototype of LCD resin printer. The Z – Axis Linear mechanism is taken from a shapeoko 2. This is almost perfect for the prototype as it means i don’t have to design a whole new linear system. The LCD screen sits in a “base block” which the linear aluminium extrusion also bolts to. The LCD screen is raised slightly from the surface of the base block to allow the Teflon sheet to stretch over the screen. A VAT basin which holds the resin is simply a rectangle wall. The Teflon sheet will be stretched over the bottom of the vat and taped on the sides to hold it in place. The vat will force downed onto the screen with a number of brackets and bolts. This should make the Teflon sheet spread over the screen evenly while ensuring the sheet is in tension. The build plate is attached to a sphere joint. This allows the build plate to leveled to the LCD screen and then clamped to hold its position. The clamping mechanism is attached to the carriage which runs on the rail. A stepper motor actuates  the up and down linear motion of the build plate. A end-stop is mounted at the back of the base. A adjustable bolt is mounted to the carriage system. This bolt allows the user to finely adjust the homing distance. Prototype will be printed from PLA plastic as this does not dissolve with 3D printing SLA resins.




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