LCD Resin Printer – Controller Setup

The controller setup is relatively easy for a dlp or lcd based resin 3D printer. All you need is a controller that can interpret g code and control a stepper motor for the z axis as well as a input for a z axis endstop. A ramps 1.4 controller is used in the setup with creative workshop software. Creative workshop is a slicer and control program for dlp or lcd 3D printers. The ramps 1.4 board  + Arduino Mega has marlin software installed which can be configured easily to suit many setups. The ramps 1.4 can support up 5 steppers x,y,z endstops, lcd display etc. So it has many more functions then needed, but this could be useful for any future upgrades such a dual steppers or wiping mechanisms for the resin. The stepper motor is a standard nema 17 stepper motor. The stepper is connected to the z axis output of the ramps 1.4.

Creative works setup for test:

  • Saved external monitor to settings
  • Set the resolution of the monitor
  • Set the dimensions of the monitor
  • Ensured Baudrate of software matched that of the arduino
  • Used config file for photocentric resin
  • Checked the range of settings a.k.a cure times, delay times, stepper velocity
  • Imported the model
  • Sliced model
  • Connected the program to the arduino
  • Clicked play

Once play was clicked the sliced image displayed on the external monitor. The stepper motor rotated in conjunction with every change in image. This is was the result that i hoped for. It functioned similarly to a fdm printer in terms of homing the z axis. Simply a z endstop would be triggered preventing a machine crash.

Changes in the marlin code:

  • Disabled all stepper motors outputs apart from the z axis
  • Disable all endstops apart from the z axis

Since this all worked well, a simple prototype will be designed to test the setup with the ipad mini lcd screen i purchased awhile back.




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