Cartesian Printer – Progress Renderings

The cad model in terms of the mechanical structure of the printer is complete. Wiring and connectors will be added later as the printer is built.

What to figure out:

Materials to use for the laser cut parts? The heat bed plate will have to be made from a lightweight and strong material so aluminium is the obvious choice for that. I have asked the lasercutting supplier for the best cost, but good properties. They recommended 5083 Aluminium. The cheapest and most rigid would be mild steel. But the problem with mild steel is that it would have to be coated and there isn’t much facilities at the college to this. No ventilation systems for toxic gases etc. I got quoted approximately €250 to lasercut all the parts in 5083 aluminium. I must get a quote for cr4 mild steel and 5083 aluminium bed and contrast the prices. Both materials would sufficient for the rigidity of the frame. Aluminium would make the frame lighter, although this is only important for transporting the machine. Higher machine mass can improve vibration dampening qualities. I will need to research how to properly coat mild steel and what is the cost. From a quick google i saw that primer and spray paint will cost about €20.

Also working on the Bill of Materials for the printer. The bill of material must be clear and concise as possible as it will used to purchase items through the college system.

Approximate – wiring specifications:

  • Heatbed Wire < 26 AWG
  • Stepper Motor <23 AWG
  • End stop and Fans < 30 AWG

Wiring will calculated and sorted during the construction of the project as there is a quick local source of electronic supplies nearby.






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