Cartesian Printer – Build Plate and Y Axis Linear Motion Progress

Coming together nicely. Figured out the mounting of the y axis stepper motor and the mounting of the y axis pulley. The y axis stepper motor will output a high torque of 65nm+ to insure that it can handle the mass of build plate.  A three point leveling system is used. This 3 point leveling system will be lasercut from aluminium. The build plate will be made from borosilicate glass and under it is a silicon heat pad that is attached with an adhesive. I have not decided yet on the voltage that will be used with the system. But this will determine the voltage of the silicon heat pad. The mounting system allows the heat plate to be removed by unscrewing the upper tabs. This is beneficial as it allows the user to more easily clean the heat plate. The leveling will be adjustable by using thumb screws underneath the build plate assembly. Proximity sensor will later be added in the design which will give the printer two methods of leveling the bed.


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