Cartesian Printer – Extruder Design

Spent quite a bit of time brainstorming and designing the extruder. This is a challenge seeing there is requirement for low mass and volume.

Here is a mock 3D model of the amalgamation of ideas i have been brainstorming:

Concept Extruder Idea.png

Specifications: (Estimation of Mass)

  • 2 x E3D V6 hotends ~70g
  • 2 x GT2 40-Tooth Pulley ~ 20g
  • 2 x GT2 16- Tooth Pulley ~   5g
  • 2 x Nema 17 Pancake Stepper Motor 18Nm 180g
  • 2 x MK8 Drive Gear ~ 5g
  • 2 x Precision Shaft ~ 10g
  • 4 x 625 Bearing ~ 10g

Torque per filament feed: (40/16)*18Nm = 45Nm

Estimated total mass of these parts: 640g

Of course more parts such as body and bearings will add mass, but will be minimal.



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