Cartesian 3D Printer – Motion Brainstorming

Some more brainstorming on arranging the linear shaft and rotational shafts.

Brainstorm Motion 3D Sketch 4

Added in steppers

Brainstorm Motion 3D Sketch 5.png

Quick Diagram of gantry motion of x and y axis

Improved cartesian gantry

Now with added stepper motors

Improved cartesian gantry 2.png

Possible how the crossing linear rails will be mounted to the sliding linear blocks

How the crossing linear shafts are mounted to the linear blocks

Messing about the sizing of the xy machine area which seemed to be good 400mm x 350mm. This is just getting a feel for the geometry of the machine before really putting on hard maths to this.

Messing About with the sizing

Added in Linear shaft “Cross Arms” and a form to represent the extruder assembly

Motion with Extruder.png

Top view of motion platform

Top view.png


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