Resin LCD Based 3D Printer

I will be building a resin printer using an lcd display to cure a “daylight resin”. Daylight resin is manufactured by a company called photocentric3d which can be cured by the wavelength produced by a standard LCD screen. I personally believe this type of resin printer technology will be a common type of technology for resin printers. The resolution of the print is based on the pixel density of the screen (DPI). There are very high resolution screens available for a low price with a high pixel density. These screens are rapidly advancing as well. A lot of the ideas will be based on the work shown on the post about the DLP resin printer as the concept is similar enough.

Here is a quick concept diagram:

Diagram 1.png

I have ordered these parts to start the build and will be prototyping on the go with these parts.

Parts that have been ordered online:

  • LP079QX1(SP)(0V) Ipad Mini 2 7.9″ Retina screen 

  • iPad Mini Retina 2048×1536 7.9″ LCD to Mini DisplayPort Adapter (Abusemark)

  • Photocentric3D Daylight Resin
  • PET (PTFE) Sheet

The rest of the parts that are needed i have at home.

I designing and building this along with the GMTECH cartesian printer so i will be busy for sure. But i really believe this could be an incredible printer.

More to come soon


2 thoughts on “Resin LCD Based 3D Printer

    1. This layer is stretched tight and acts as the bottom section for the resin basin. The purpose of using PET is that it very “non sticky” as in its harder for the resin parts to adhere to it and that it is flexible allowing for each layer to be pealed of.


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