Cartesian Printer – Motion Platform – Design 1


In this post i shall delve deeper into the ultimaker style motion platform. A number of solutions will be brainstormed and analyzed.

Brainstorming Diagrams

An idea i had that removes the need for rotational shafts which would allow the printer to use standard bearings solving the bushing problem

Brainstorm Motion Platform.png

Here is a standard setup

Brainstorm Motion Platform 2

3D Sketch using dual rails

Brainstorm Motion 3D Sketch.png

Figuring out layout

Brainstorm Motion 3D Sketch.png

Getting a understanding of belt layout using separate shafts for pulley system

Brainstorm Motion 3D Sketch 2.png

Motor moved to solve belt path problem

Brainstorm Motion 3D Sketch 3

Brainstorm Mottion Sketch



Post not finished


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