Delta 3D Printer

A sneak peak of my delta printer design which is in development in my limited spare time. I felt it was time to experiment with a different motion platform. Enter the delta configuration. Number of reasons i choose this type. Number one it looks awesome! Because of its triangular shape where the parts are the same on the three sides the part count dropped significantly compared to my other 3D printer designs. Another reason is light mass of the moving gantry typical with Delta machines. This allows for a high speed printing. Magnetic joints were a must for the arms and the arms are designed to be 3D printed. Standard 30mm x 30mm Aluminium Extrusion and 12mm linear rods were used for the design to make it easier for a builder to source the parts. I plan to iron out all problems before putting it on thingiverse and youimagine to make it a easier experience for people, if they wish to build it. Things like instructions manuals, wiring diagrams, range of stl parts to suit capability such as using a range of different types of linear bearings will be included and much more.


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