Package arrived today with aluminium profiles, linear rails and brackets ordered from It bolted together in no time. I thought it would be big, but it’s huge. Big thumbs up for motedis for their excellent choice of aluminium profiles and all other sorts of engineering goodies.

Here’s What i got:

Aluminium Profile

Type ——————— Length ——- Amount
30 x 30 B type Slot 8 660mm 4
30 x 30 B type Slot 8 600mm 8
20 x 20 I type Slot 8 530mm 2
20 x 20 I type Slot 8 500mm 2

Hardened Steel Linear shafts

Type ——- Length ——- Amount
16mm dia 600mm 2
16mm dia 400mm 2
12mm dia 500mm 2

+ assortment of brackets and fittings.

The rigidity of the 30 x 30 mm Aluminium Profile is far superior to 20 x 20mm profile.
If you go on to site and the check specifications between the two different profiles it shows that the 30 x 30mm profile is approximately 3-4 times more rigid. Seeing the structure in real life reinforced it in my mind that it was worth going for the larger profile.

The Brackets were very impressive. Made from cast aluminium and really strong. They have a sort of ridge on each side were it will be mounted to the profile. The ridges keep the bracket aligned with the profile.

The fastener set for the bracket mounting was very interesting too. Fastener set consists of threaded plates and bolts. Before placing the bracket on the profile, the bolt and threaded plate were placed in the bracket. When the bracket was being put on the profile, the threaded plate would fit through gap in the rail, if the longer length was parallel to the length of the profile gap. Once the bracket was in it desired position, you simply begin tightening the bolt and the threaded plate would twist 90 degrees and lock itself into the groove of the profile gap. This made it a lot easier to assemble the frame. I only wish i used this type of fastener when mounting the 3D printing parts. I ordered with the package extra standard threaded plates. But to place these standard threaded plates in the printer, the chassis has to be taken apart every time. Which is annoying to say the least.

I can already see the improvements that could be done. I would like to reinforce the chassis more. The more rigid the better. I am thinking of bolting sheets of clear plastic to the sides. Which would look pretty awesome and more importantly add strength. If clear plastic is to expensive i will 3D print some large diagonal brackets instead. But for now its still quite rigid and will be even more so when all the parts are bolted in place.

Still waiting on linear ball bearings, trapezoidal threaded shaft and couplers from china. I will post blog updates when they arrive.


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