Finally days of staring at my computer screen has produced my complete core xy 3d printer i shall build. Every iteration i made as well as trying to convert the Shapeoko to a efficient large volume 3d printer, the less it resembled a Shapeoko. The Shapeoko is designed as a mill machine. This design is entirely my own. It is big! Build volume at approximately 430mm x 310mm x 300mm (length x width x height) For now the build plate will be unheated which ok i guess for now. But i will defiantly be heating it some how, in the future as this dramatically decreases the chances of warping your 3D printed parts. The use of aluminium extrusion has made the process of designing the printer a lot easier while making the printer modular and easily up gradable. What surprised me was the ridiculous number of bolts and nuts that go into putting something together. Like a crazy person i put every single bolt and washer into the 3D solidworks model, about 300 hundred or more. The half swede in me makes me a perfectionist sometimes. I will go ahead and build it once i have tested and validated the core xy system using my previous core xy iteration. I have developed a few neat parts for this printer. Firstly a adjustable z-endstop mount which gives a range of approximately 1cm. I have something similar on my 3D printer Shapeoko build which i found to be crazy handy in terms of setting up the machine. There are more little touches here and there, but i will go over them in later posts. Ill let the pictures do the talking for me. Next thing i will add to it is something to mount the reel of filament to. Not sure how will do that, but i will think of something. Cant wait to get building this thing. Once built, tested … see if it actually works well! then improve it some more, ill document the whole build properly and share it on github. That is all!


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