There’s nothing cooler then a jet engine. Unfortunately for me i do not have the knowledge or the means to build one. Maybe ill have the knowledge when i finish my engineering degree, put that’s a few years away. Anyhow a thought struck me a few days ago. I wondering what rc model i would build, since i got my new fly sky 6 channel radio. I have a fairly powerful brushless outrunner motor and 40 amp esc laying about. First i thought about 3d printing a large prop like one a spitfire model, but the danger of something spinning so fast, 3d printed from PLA plastic caused me to think well that’s not a good idea. Then i thought electric ducted fan! Still a very fast spinning prop, but is in-cased in a cylindrical body. Plus super awesome! I designed a first prototype in solidworks. It turned out ok, but the blades where far to thin to print properly. Next design i will have thicker prop blades to increase the strength and have only perhaps 3-4 blades, but larger. I will experiment with different types, seeing how much thrust each one produces. Plus i will have to design a cylindrical body and motor mount in the next few days. Vroom


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