A good bit of progress over the past few days. Still loving the mechanical awesomeness of the xy core system. Wonderfully simple and eloquent. Any how! Decided to get the xy stage complete, test it and improve it if needs be. I also decided to remove the shackles that is the lower section of the Shapeoko frame. Like the mdf board and front/back plates and create a box frame using 20 x 20 aluminum profiles. I was first thinking of making a box from mdf, but i stumbled upon a site called http://www.motedis.de. They have brilliant prices on aluminium profiles. In fact it would be cheaper and a hell of a lot more convenient to use profiles then the mdf.
But first i will get xy core system up and running before worrying about the z-axis and the profile box housing. Once its functional ill redesign for the aluminium profiles and z-axis. I think its better to do this project step by step. One thing about xy core printers they need a load of belt. I calculated ill need two ~2.2m long belts. I ordered 10m of gt2 belt from china for 7 dollar including free shipping, that should do me for awhile. Last but not least, the Shapeoko mill only has 6 pulley included. I need 8 of them, so i will have to 3D print the last two. No problem, i will just create an STL file from the pulley solidworks found on github and 3D print one. I borrow some bearings from the z-axis v-groove wheels for the moment.
All for now


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