Becoming more and more unsatisfied with this design. Its becoming quite complicated. I saw an amazing 3D printer concept called the core xy. My current design limited in many ways. Firstly the large gantry plates really limit the range of motion of the x and y axis. A extra stepper motor would have to be purchased to drive the z-axis. Originally i wanted to use the gantry plates because of the inherent strength they would provide. But seeing how a core xy would simplify the whole system its worth starting again from scratch. I would only have to buy a long GT2 belt. By also designing much smaller carriages it will allow a much greater range of motion and the mass of the moving gantries will be decreased allowing quicker speeds and acceleration. A Bowden system would preferable to a direct drive to lighten the moving gantry’s even further.
Removal of the stepper motors of any moving part of the 3D printer makes routing the wiring a much much easier task. Another issue i want to resolve is preventing the heat from the build plate effecting any printed parts. Maybe building parts close to the bed using aluminium sheet i have laying about. I cant think of any more critical areas for now! SO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD! 😀


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