Just an update on the progress of my Shapeoko 2 massive 3D overhaul.
Currently working out the z-axis system. Using a 7 mm linear shaft i took
out from the old printer. The linear bearings are printed from PLA. I done numerous tests
perfecting the print diameter of the linear bearing so that it fits snugly to the linear shaft, but still not
to tight that it creates to much friction. It worked out very well and with no perceivable wobble. I am hoping the 7 mm linear rail will be sturdy enough for the z-axis stage. It should be as the z-axis print table will have no x/y forces applied to it. The speed the bed travels up and down will be very low too. The z-axis assembly is attached to the 20 mm x 20 mm x 550 mm aluminium extrusion. I wont go in to much detail on all the components until the 3D printer design has been finalized. That’s all for now!


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