The roll of filament finally arrived! Bought it from check them out. Built a stand for the filament from knex. It works well enough for now. I’ll come up with a better solution for this in the future. Started printing lots of random objects I got from and to test the quality of the prints. I spent most of the time calibrating and fine tuning the settings. I started of using cura for creating the g-code, but found that slic3r works a lot better. It has a lot more options for getting the most of your prints. But cura has a more pretty graphic user interface. I had some bother getting the pieces to adhere to the print bed. A roll of 3M 2090 blue painters tape does the job perfectly. The print adheres to the surface of the painters tape really nicely, but its easy to pull off the print from the tape afterwards. So far so great!


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