Figuring out a good wiring layout was tricky. I looked at various ways people done this on the internet. Some mounted the electronics on the y-gantry plate. I didn’t like this for the fact the power lead connected to the electronics would moved back and forward. Probably wouldn’t of been a problem anyways. You can see from the featured image the sort of layout for the wiring i have adopted. I have the electronics in a plastic box mounted to the front left steel plate. From there all the stepper wires passed through a plastic cable sleeve to a white plastic box mounted to the left y-gantry plate. From this plastic box the stepper wires took their necessary paths to each of the stepper motors. Plastic cable sleeve was used wherever the wires would be under the most flexing movement cause by the movement of the gantry’s. Within the white box i used a number of terminal block to tidy up the wiring. Have a ton of this laying about so i thought why not. More on the electronics box in the next post.

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