As you can see from the featured image this is how i organized the electronics in the box. The arduino uno is bolted to the plastic box. I drilled then filed a slot for the usb to connect to the arduino. The protoneer board simply slotted on top of the arduino and the drv8825’s slotted into the protoneer board. Terminal block where bolted to the side of the electronics box. I done this so that no strain would be place on the stepper wire connectors and the protoneer stepper pins if the wires get pulled too much by the  movement of the gantry. A series of small holes where drilled at the bottom of the box so i could zip tie the stepper wires and plastic cable sleeve to the bottom of box. This was an extra precaution insuring that the wires would not pull away from the electronics box. I installed a large switch on the box so i could rapidly switch off the machine if anything went wrong. I soldered a large kettle 3 pin plug onto the the laptop power supply and used a female 3 pin kettle plug connector for the electronics box. This kettle plug connector was wired in conjunction with the power switch. Two 5mm diameter holes where drilled at the rear of the electronics box to enable me to bolt the box the front left metal plate of the shapeoko. The metal plate had already suitable holes for mounting the box. One of the heatsinks of the drv8825’s went missing. So i soldered a load of thick gauge copper wires together. Filed one end flat and stuck it to the drv8825 chip using some akasa thermal tape. Seems to work perfectly well!

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