College has been super busy, finished summer exams a week ago. Time to put some stuff up about my adventures with the Shapeoko 2. I got it in the mail about 5 months ago. What a nice piece of kit! I got the mechanical version which doesn’t include any electronics, stepper motors, belts, etc. Was up to me to source the rest of the components. The cost had to kept to a minimum. Here are the parts i ordered for the Shapeoko 2.

  1. Protoneer GRBL Arduino Shield (22.70 euro)
  2. 4 NEMA 17 42STH47-1684AC, ( Holding torque,1.8° Stepper Motors (17.58 euro/motor)
  3. 4 DRV8825 stepper motor driver carriers (9.98 euro/driver)
  4. 3 GT2 Pulley (20 Teeth) and 5m GT2 Belt (25.25 euro/set)
  5. Arduino UNO (already had one)
  6. 2 Electronic Cases
  7. Miscellaneous items such as wiring, connectors etc

Building the shapeoko 2 was easy enough it took about 2 evenings to build the mechanical kit. Components came in labelled bags with a i.d number which makes it easier to construct the machine using the online guide. I had some difficulty with the v-roller wheels. You had to press fit a bearing into each side the v-roller wheel. Doing this by hand was not particularly precise. One or two v-roller wheels concentricity was affected by this. But this didn’t seem to affect the functioning of the machine later on. Tapping the makerslide linear rail was the scariest part. The ends of every makerslide rail has 2 holes which require to be tapped to 5mm. I had to buy a tap set from a local hardware shop as the kit doesn’t include one. The set cost around 15 euros to buy. I spent hours browsing the internet on how to tap something. I heard many stories of peoples tap snapping or getting stuck rendering the rail useless. I found a video on youtube about this tapping procedure: . When clamping the makerslide into a vice i wrapped cloth around it so not to damage it.


Picture of makerslide being tapped. Securely fastened in vice with cloth wrapped around it.


Assembling the x-carriage using tutorials on my venerable old Lenovo


Image showing makerslide linear rails


Shapeoko 2 kit fully Built!!

Dont have alot of pictures of the process of building the kit. Always forgot to take pics along the way.

Next chapter. Wiring up this beast!

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